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28, and my love for fashion & styling created Styled by Rachel.

I have a degree in Business and Management (Bachelor of Science with Honours in Business & Management).

In 2023 I started my Instagram page 'Styled by Rachel', I love putting outfits together and started sharing them online. If I can help anyone find an outfit for an occasion I will, so with that in mind I created my styling business.

My personal style is mix and match, it just depends what mood I'm in and wear I'm going - I love a quirky outfit, oversized, polished, gym wear and tailored. I just wear what I feel good in.

I'm here to help you find outfits to suit you and bring the joy back into getting dressed everyday. We can create these outfits from items in your current wardrobe or we can start a fresh and build a capsule wardrobe that you love.

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