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Updated: Mar 16

A wardrobe built on streamlined items.

It isn't long until we can start sitting in pub gardens, going out with friends and BBQ'ing! I am so excited for the next few months and lockdown restrictions easing, I am already planning outfits. I have an unnecessary amount of clothes that I never wear, so I am really trying to build a staple wardrobe and have pieces that I can mix and match throughout Spring/Summer.

Think versatility, longevity, and everlasting appeal. I have picked some of my favourite staples, I will link them all below. Personally, I think they are so versatile and can be worn throughout the seasons. I hope you love them!

A simple t-shirt - white and black are the classics. There are so many ways to wear and style basic tees - under blazers, jeans and a t-shirt. They are a groundwork for layering.


Jeans - denim is so versatile, wear with a simple tee or a thin knit for spring. There are so many styles and finding the perfect fit for your body shape is important - wear what you feel comfortable in. I can't live without black skinny jeans, Topshop Jamie and Joni are my favourties. I've also found my perfect pair of mom jeans - Zara!


Trench Coat / Blazer - I've always loved a blazer, but recently become a massive fan of trench coats. They are both practical, glamorous and edgey. I have found my perfect trench from New Look, I prefer this length, but there are so many lovely long length trench coats around. I have added this light green H&M blazer as it is the perfect colour for spring - wear with jeans or over spring dresses.


White Shirt - you can't go wrong with a white shirt, such a timeless piece. It can be worn casually for shopping trips, or dressed up for a day in the office. Roll the sleeves up to add some character to your outfit.


Light Colour Knit - perfect throughout all seasons. Wear with light trousers, jeans or skirt in Spring and perfect for layering in Autumn/Winter. Find something that you will always reach for - minimal patterns, neutral colours so it always works with your look. Classic colours will be more wearable, but go with the colours you feel best in!


Smock Dress - such a simple piece that can be worn for any occasion. Pop a blouse or shirt underneath with a funky collar or wear with trainers and/or sandals. The perfect dress to have in your wardrobe. I went for a black one because it can be worn all year, but change the colour to suit you.


White Trainer - I think these have featured in all my blogs so far, because they are my favourite white trainer, they go with every outfit so effortlessly.

So they are my favourite staple pieces that I cannot live without. You should have items in your wardrobe that help you create outfits for various occasions, creating different styles with the same piece.

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