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Updated: Mar 16

A little guide to Milos - where we stayed, ate and went...

For our honeymoon we did a little Greece tour - Milos, Athens and Santorini. First stop was Milos - I wish I'd known how amazing it was, I would have stayed here for 2 weeks. We did get some recommendations from a friend, but we underestimated it - it was lovely.

So I thought I'd do a little mini travel guide on the things we did. It was so chilled, relaxed vibes - perfect! It is small and everything is close by, we hired a quad and got around that way. The roads were fairly quiet so this was perfect for us. We stayed in Pollonia - a lovely little town.


*not my photo*

Situated on the edge of a cliff, this hotel was perfect location for us! Our first room had a little terrace, and our second room had a lovely little balcony. There is a main pool and then a smaller heated pool. The staff were lovely and very helpful if we ever needed anything. The town was about a 10 minute walk from the hotel where there are plenty of restaurants and bars.

A few pictures of the hotel.


Vialos - this was restaurant was SO good, we ate here 2 nights. The food, service, staff were incredible. We both love fish so this was perfect for us, anything prawn related I'm here for.

Our ride! It was definitely worth hiring a quad to get around, the roads were quiet for us, I'm not sure they will be peak summer time, but so handy to get to different places.

We just stumbled across this on the way to Sarakiniko Beach and I can't remember what it's called, but it was about 5 minutes from our hotel on the quad bike. We jumped off the cliffs here and it was amazing, the water was just so clear.

Sarakiniko Beach - this was stunning, made up of white rock in amazing formations! I would say get there early to avoid crowds because it was busy when we were there, but well worth it! Note: there also isn't much shade so be careful if you're travelling with a baldy! It was so windy the day we went so we didn't stay too long, but would 100% love to go back.

We had a little wander around Klima Fishing Village which was so pretty, with cute coloured houses / shops and found a little gift shop and picked some bits up from there. We had an early dinner here and the food was delicious (can't remember the restaurant name - sorry!), but there was so many little places to eat.

Firiplaka Beach

Tsigrado Beach *not my photo* - we didn't get chance to get here because it was too windy to kayak round to the beach. You can only access this beach by boat or down the ladder.

Kleftiko Caves - beautiful! We did a boat tour and stopped off at a few places

That is basically everything we did in Milos and it was the best place we've been so far! We loved it and would definitely go again. There's so much more to see!

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